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OrthoLine™ Fracture Plates and Screws

The OrthoLine fracture management system allows the surgeon to perform a fracture repair using the same screws used with the Arthrex TPLO system. The 70-plate, state-of-the-art fracture line includes sizes 1.6 mm, 1.6 mm broad, 2.0 mm, 2.4 mm, 3.0 mm, and 3.5 mm for straight and T-style plates and 3.5 mm broad straight plates for both feline and canine patients. Designed with the surgeon in mind, the plates have many features to help create a more reproducible procedure: The locking straight plates include a slide hole, which allows slight movement across the fracture line in order to facilitate the best plate placement. Its low-profile design is less prominent under the skin and features to limit bone-to-plate contact. Plate size and length were specifically designed to include hole-to-hole spacing. Fit more screws in the same footprint as a competitive plate thanks to a unique design featuring tight screw density on the distal and proximal ends with larger bridges near the center of the plate. Additional features designed to aid in proper plate placement include K-wire holes, variable-angle locking screws for the titanium lines, slide holes, and compression holes for cases requiring compression. These plates can be contoured using the size-specific bending irons and cannulated bending plugs, which can also function as K-wire holes in any locking screw hole. In addition to the new OrthoLine fracture plates, the fracture management system includes a variety of screw options, including fully threaded headless compression screws, partially threaded screws, cannulated lag screws, low-profile screws, and QuickFix™ cannulated screws.


  • High screw density where needed
  • Slide and compression holes
  • Strong plate for bridging
  • Low plate contact and low profiled
  • Color coded for easier identification
  • K-wire holes
  • Cortical/locking/variable-angle locking screws
  • Indicated for sizes from small cats to large dogs

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