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SynergyUHD4 Imaging Platform

The SynergyUHD4 system is a commanding imaging platform offered by Arthrex featuring a true Ultra HD 4K programmable camera head, a LED “xenon-bright” light source, an image management system and fiber optic video over IP integration all in one tablet-controlled device. 

Imaging Consoles

SynergyUHD4 integrates 3 consoles into 1 and revolutionizes endoscopic visualization and image management. One console and one unique tablet interface simplifies use. Programmable individual surgeon preferences enhance the user experience and increase efficiency. The network-based system allows live video streaming from any authorized remote viewer, integration with EMR/PACS and allows for remote connection from Arthrex representatives for maintenance/upgrades.

SynergyUHD4 Tablets

The unique and innovative remote tablet interface allows the users to remotely and efficiently enter patient information, surgeon preferences and image management settings only one time. The SynergyUHD4 tablet application is intuitive, user friendly and will help reduce cost by increasing OR efficiency.


Arthrex revolutionizes endoscopy by introducing the SynergyUHD4 console. To complement the SynergyUHD4 console, Arthrex introduces the world's first UHD 4K Medical Display. The UHD 4K monitor is offered in 32" to maximize the quality of the image. The monitor's settings are calibrated for optimal performance with the SynergyUHD4 imaging platform across all surgical specialties.

Arthrex also provides alternative private labeled backlit LED monitors that are excellent displays at an affordable price. With the private labeled Arthrex monitors, an aluminum enclosure helps to protect the monitor against repeated adjustments and cleanings. For mounting the monitors, numerous VESA-standard mounting holes ensure hanging capability. The Arthrex California Technology engineers have full access to the settings of the private labeled monitors to ensure optimization of the SynergyUHD4 camera system. The monitors are available in 26" and 32" sizes, making either option an excellent choice based on surgeon preference.

Video Cart Options

The video cart features a modular shelf design to conform to any set-up need. The power cords are prewired and cable management is accomplished on either side of the cart. The large wheels provide easy OR mobility, as do the handles on front and rear of the cart. The main monitor boom arm allows the monitor 38” of reach and 15” of vertical adjustment. The tension of the arm is adjustable to hold 19-32” monitors and it also features a handle and locking position during movement of the cart. The secondary arm can be mounted to either side of the top shelf, allowing customization to fit the OR staff’s needs. The CO2 gas bottle holder or foot pedal holder can be mounted to either side of the cart. The newest released carts feature a top shelf that holds the Sony UPDR80MD printer that faces the rear of the cart. This allows the staff to access the prints away from the sterile field. The AR-6000B includes the cart with transformer, five shelves, one drawer, one foot pedal holder, one secondary arm and the main monitor boom arm.

TRIMANO®Support Arm

The TRIMANO support arm acts as an additional surgical assistant by securely and safely holding the arm in any desired position during arthroscopic or open shoulder surgery performed in the beach chair position. The compact and lightweight device is easily attached to any OR table Clark Rail and is ready for immediate use. No additional power or air connections are required. The TRIMANO arm can be moved in any direction by simply pressing the handle. Releasing the handle locks it into the desired position.

Positioning Arm

The Arthrex Positioning Arm has an articulated arm and universal radial clamp to film open surgical procedures. The arm is easy to position and can be fixed securely and rapidly with a single knob. The purely mechanical central tightening device enables simple and fast positioning of the camera head. Once the position has been set, it remains firmly fixed throughout the operation. The arm and radial clamp are fully autoclavable.

*TRIMANO is a registered trademark of maquet GmbH.

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