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Bone Grafts

Arthrex Vet Systems has partnered with Veterinary Transplant Services to provide the latest options in bone grafting. The bone graft options available include:

• Osteoallograft®* Orthomix®* is natural, real bone graft designed specifically for veterinary use. It consists of osteoinductive demineralized bone matrix (DBM) and osteoconductive cancellous bone chips.
• Fusion Xpress™* injectable bone putty is a combination of DBM with mineralized cancellous chips and biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) in a resorbable carrier.
• Synergy™* pure synthetic bone graft is comprised of calcium phosphates that occur naturally in real bone.

*Osteoallograft, Orthomix, Fusion Xpress and Synergy are trademarks of Veterinary Transplant Services, Inc.

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