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CoolCut™ Resection Shavers

The Torpedo™ shaver's tapered tip leads the way, easing access into and around the joint space. The oval outer window shape limits tissue size to reduce clogging while the precision cutting edges with dual inner cutting windows resect tissue cleanly and aggressively.

The PowerPick™ instrument provides a fast and easy method of performing microfracture procedures using the Synergy Resection System. The PowerPick instrument has a drill depth of 4 mm and is an ideal tool for measuring osteochondral defects using the leading edge of the laser mark, which is 5 mm from the sheath end, as a guide.

The PoweRasp™ instrument's reciprocating motion, as opposed to the standard, rotary motion of burrs in the past, is a revolutionary method of arthroscopic bone debridement. The PoweRasp instrument creates a smooth, flat surface compared to the curved surface a burr leaves behind, without the scalloped edges that need to be smoothed over later. Feel the power, speed and control of the next generation in bone debridement with the PoweRasp instrument.

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