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TightRope® Fixation System

The TightRope implant’s FiberWire® suture is constructed of a multistrand, long-chain ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) core with a braided polyester and UHMWPE jacket that is used extensively in human surgery for many orthopedic applications and provides excellent strength, a soft feel, and abrasion resistance. The UHMWPE material has properties that make it stronger and less prone to failure than any other suture material. The implant uses bone-to-bone fixation, with superior strength and stiffness designed specifically for ligament repair.

Applications include:

  •  Coxofemoral luxation stabilization
  •  Tarsus stabilization
  •  Cranial cruciate ligament stabilization

Implant Assembly:

  •  Consists of 2 buttons and 2 suture strands of FiberWire or FiberTape® suture
  •  The TightRope implant and Mini TightRope implant include an attached passing needle

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