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Suture Anchors

SwiveLock® Anchor

SwiveLock anchor is offered for CCLs and soft tissue-to-bone reattachment. Made with an inert and non-absorbable thermoplastic material called PEEK, this new anchoring system allows for knotless reconstructions without the need for a tensioner. Specially designed vents in the anchor body promote bone marrow flow and allow for bony ingrowth.

PushLock® Anchor

The knotless PushLock suture anchor is designed for precise tissue reduction and fixation. It is available in 2.4 mm and 2.9 mm sizes for use in smaller bone. The body of the anchor is available in non-absorable PEEK, a strong, revisable and radiolucent implant with no MRI artifact. A PEEK eyelet is used for increased strength during insertion to allow firm tissue tensioning and shifting.

CorkScrew® Anchor

The Micro, Mini, and 3.5 mm CorkScrew FT suture anchors are designed with a fully threaded length to create maximum cortical purchase in smaller bones. Using an internal drive mechanism and suture eyelet, these titanium anchors enable surgeons to secure threads in the best bone—the cortex.

FASTak™  Suture Anchor

Threaded suture anchors reduce the risk of tissue separation due to anchor slip, and with significantly more holding power than Nitinol arc ‘barbed’ suture anchors. Not only do threaded anchors provide more security than barbed anchors, but they also provide a path for removal, if needed. Providing excellent strength in a smaller size, this non-absorbable, braided polyblend suture is preloaded for convenience. A short inserter and self-drilling design create a reliable and quick procedure with no additional instrumentation needed.

FiberTak™  Soft Anchor

The FiberTak soft anchor offers the benefits surgeons have come to appreciate about soft anchors with a high level of clinical experience and support behind every product and procedure offered by Arthrex. The soft anchors are available single and double loaded, each with multiple innovative suture options. These anchors are complemented with both curved and straight guide delivery systems along with 1.6 mm drills to minimize bone removal.

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