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The extraordinarily smooth, low-friction proprietary coating on this suture reduces tissue drag. PolyPGA is a synthetic absorbable suture with exceptional strength that ensures closure through the critical wound healing period, up to 4 weeks. Its synthetic nature offers minimal tissue inflammation and is ideal for tissues requiring knot security. It retains approximately 50% of its high initial strength at 2 weeks and 20% at 3 weeks.1 It is available as violet multifilament.

All our suture is configured in racetrack packaging to minimize memory. We use only black needles for enhanced visibility and minimal glare.

Common uses for this type of suture include:

  • Appropriate for most tissues, including ophthalmic and dental surgery
  • General and skin closure
  • Urology
  • Gastrointestinal



1. Absorbable surgical suture, USP (violet and undyed) [indications for use]. P/N 03-6362 06/22. Naples, FL; Arthrex.

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    Arthrex, Inc. products are designed without any latex components or packaging. The primary packaging has been selected to not include latex in any form. If you have any further questions in this regard please contact your Customer Service Representative and they will assist you as promptly as possible.

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