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This violet, medium-term synthetic absorbable monofilament is indicated for use in general soft-tissue approximation and/or ligation. Polydioxanone boasts a high initial tensile strength, providing wound support for slow-healing tissues such as muscle and fascia. Soft and pliable, the construct is absorbable with extended wound support for up to 6 weeks. At 14 days, it retains 80% to 90% tensile strength, 60% to 82% at 28 days, 47% to 79% at 42 days.1 Polydioxanone is essentially absorbed between 180 and 220 days.

Configured in racetrack packaging to minimize memory, suture is available in multiple sizes and needle types. We use only black needles for enhanced visibility and minimal glare.

Common uses for this suture include:

  • Areas that need longer wound support than other suture variants provide
  • Fibrous tissue
  • Subcutaneous, scarpas fascia, and muscle plication
  • High-tension wound approximation
  • Orthopedic capsule closure



1. Synthetic absorbable surgical suture USP except for diameter (violet) [indications for use]. P/N 03-6365 06/22. Naples, FL; Arthrex.