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Bio-Tenodesis™ Screw System

The Bio-Tenodesis screw system eliminates transosseous tunnels in tendon repairs and ligament reconstructions. Tenodesis Screws may be used in conjunction with #2 or 2-0 FiberWire® suture to facilitate intraoperative tissue-tensioning and fixation in a predrilled socket. The predrilled socket minimizes incision length and dissection. This construct allows for direct tendon-to-bone healing, without hardware prominence.

Low Profile Screws

The LPS 4.5mm Cannulated Lag Screw is ideal for fractures and fusions. With a lower profile head and deeper threads than a traditional AO screw, the LPS purchases bone and keeps a lower profile. This is a benefit in areas where weight-bearing loads are significant and soft tissue coverage may be minimal. 

Features and Benefits

  • Low Profile Head – 1 mm shorter than a traditional AO 6.5 mm screw, while still using a 3.5 mm hex
  • Deeper Threads – Using a 2.4 mm guide pin allows the threads to be deeper than a standard AO screw
  • Longer Threads – 18 mm and 28 mm thread lengths
  • Self-Drilling, Tapping – Speed up the insertion process
  • Assisted Targeting – Parallel and C-Ring Pin Guides enable quick and accurate placement

RetroFusion™ Screws

Not just an ordinary headless implant, the RetroFusion implant is a headless implant designed for arthrodesis which provides compression and strength across the joint. The implant’s proximal and distal threads are arranged in opposite directions which pull the joint together when the implant is inserted. 

  • Opposing threads on implant pull the joint together for maximum compression of the joint
  • Better fixation of the joint due to actual compression achieved
  • Simple technique which also allows for flexed fusions

Headless Compression Screws

The titanium Compression FT (fully-threaded) screws come in 2.5 Micro, 3.5 Mini and 4.0 Standard. The variable stepped thread pitch headless design reduces the risk of profile complications, provides compression and allows for simplified insertion. Surgeons can now achieve zero-profile, stable fixation.

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