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PassPort Button™ Cannula

The PassPort Button cannula helps maximize visibility and maneuverability inside and outside of the arthroscopic work space. The double-dam, 1 piece molded design has low profile flanges that seat flush to the skin and soft tissue. These flanges create a stable portal that allows instruments to be inserted and removed, without the concern of cannula loss. They are easily introduced by grasping the inside flange with a curved hemostat and inserting into the incision. Each PassPort Button cannula is supplied with a 5 mm spacer to ensure the accurate length.

Crystal Cannula®

The Crystal cannula offers a barrel-shaped retention bowl that pools fluid to eliminate cannula “squirt." Three atraumatic distal retaining options help to prevent cannula “fall-out." The translucent cannula allows for direct visualization of instruments and suture passing. The flexible option easily conforms to large or curved instruments. Each cannula is supplied with a disposable obturator.

Twist-In™ Cannula

The translucent Twist-In cannula allows direct arthroscopic visualization of instruments and suture passing through the cannula. The flexible option easily conforms to large or curved instruments. Each cannula is supplied with a “no-squirt” cap and disposable obturator.

Low Profile Cannula

This 5 mm cannula is one of the most low-profile cannulas on the market that allows for direct visualization of instruments and suture passing. The proximal portion of the cannula is similar to the Crystal cannula. Each cannula is supplied with a disposable obturator.

Gemini™ SR8* Cannula

The Gemini SR8 cannula incorporates a clever, deployable wing feature to prevent cannula "fallout" during insertion and removal of instruments. The low-profile design of the wings will securely hold the cannula in place, even in the tightest working spaces, without taking up space and hampering the surgeon's ability to efficiently complete their work. Additionally, the inner sleeve of the cannula can telescope relative to the outer portion of the cannula allowing the surgeon a clear, unobstructed channel to pathology. It is also very useful during knot tying, allowing the surgeon to place the clear telescoping tube down to the knot to preven soft-tissue entrapment within the suture knot. The included, disposable cannulated obterator allows for easy insertion over a 2.6 mm Switching Stick.

Metal Cannula

Cannulas from the metal cannula set are available as fenestrated and nonfenestrated versions.

*Gemini™ SR8 is a trademark of Frantz Medical Development Ltd. 

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